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New Mexico State University

About Mailman Listserver

About Mailman

Mailman is a list management software package that replaces NMSU's current listproc setup. It is a powerful set of tools for both list owners and list subscribers. Most notably, it comes with a set of web tools. These tools allow list owners to change attributes of their lists, or moderators to approve pending messages. The users can also set up various options, such as recieving mails in a digest rather than immediately.

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What is a Mailing List?

A mailing list is simply a list of e-mail addresses that belong to a group, class, or are otherwise affiliated. Most commonly in a campus setting, it is a single address with which to address, say, all the students in your English 111 class, or all the members of your fraternity.

To create a list, a request must be made (there is a small annual charge for maintenance of the list). Once it is created, two e-mail addresses are also created:, and

So, for example, if you wanted to create a list for your class XYZ 101, you would request that the list "" be created. Once it is created, it must be "populated" with e-mail addresses; the e-mail addresses of students must be added to list roster.

Once created, two e-mail addressed become active. is known as the Posting Address, because any mail sent to this address is posted to the group, and every member of the list will receieve the message. Note: you can make a list a "closed" list, meaning only members can post to the list.

The address is reserved for talking to the Mailman server and issuing commands to it, as an alternative to the web interface. Commands allow you to subscribe, unsubscribe, view members, etc. Again, the ability to issue commands can be limited to list onwers, subscribers, everyone else, or a combination of the above.

Currently, we maintain nearly 700 mailing lists with an average of 200 subscribers apiece.

Who is Eligible to have a Mailing List?

Faculty members may create a list for their classes. A chartered student organization (such as a fraternity or academic club) may also have a list. For more information, contact