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Mailman Commands

Mailman Commands

The following are a semi-complete list of commands to interact with a Mailman mailing list. To issue these commands, send mail to, with the command as the only thing in the message body, and no subject.

For help with the web interface of mailman, see the Web Interface section.

  1. Getting Help For Available Commands

    A list of available commands will be sent to your email address

  2. Subscribing Yourself to a List

    Note: Send mail from the address you want subscribed.
    A confirmation e-mail will be sent, giving you more information. You must reply to this e-mail in order to be subscribed

  3. Subscribing a User to Your List

    subscribe address=emailaddress
    Note: This should be done by owners. A confirmation e-mail is sent to prevent people subscribing people to lists malicously.

  4. Unsubscribing from a list

    unsubscribe <password>
    Unsubscribe from the mailing list. If given, your password must match your current password. If omitted, a confirmation email will be sent to the unsubscribing address.

  5. Show all the lists on List Server

    An e-mail will be returned listing all the publicly advertised lists on the mailman server.

  6. Find out Who is Subscribed to a List

    who <password>
    An e-mail will be returned listing all the members of the list.
    Note: Most lists may be set up for only owners or moderators can list the members.

  7. Get Information on a List

    An e-mail will be returned telling you about the list. Usually this isn't very helpful.

If you need more assistance, please contact Also, remember you also have access to a much more flexible Web Interface as well.